The Partnership provides the following services

Criminal law

Defence in criminal proceedings – from pre-trial investigation to the European Court of Human Rights, representation of victims’ interests.

Partnership’s partners specialize in the pre-trial investigation and defence in courts of all instances, often participate in large-scale high-profile cases. Partnership’s attorneys-at-law also have experience as prosecutors and judges, so they are well versed in all the nuances of the criminal process and effectively represent the interests of the victim. In the defence of the accused, we use original, confidential and highly effective legal methods that allow us to implement defence tactics much more effectively and achieve the best result.

Civil law

Partnership’s attorneys-at-law have extensive experience in civil law and can offer a solution to any problem.

Our attorneys-at-law specialize in the fields of contracts, civil liability, corporate, family, inheritance, international transportation, insurance, public procurement, easements and other areas of civil law. We will take all possible legal measures to solve your problem out of court, but without any other option, we will be able to offer representation in civil proceedings in all courts. By appealing to the Supreme Court of Lithuania, the Partnership attorneys-at-law have repeatedly succeeded in bringing about changes in the practice of the Court of Cassation.

Administrative offenses

Representation in administrative offenses proceedings from the very beginning of the drawing up of a protocol.

The Partnership’s attorneys-at-law were among the first to gain a detailed insight into the new regulation of administrative offenses which has led to successful experiences in defending those brought to administrative responsibility – with many cases being closed by terminating proceedings. We are particularly successful in proceedings for traffic violations.

Administrative law

We provide assistance in the field of public administration and represent in the administrative proceedings..

Do you need a permit, certificate or other document from a budgetary authority? Please feel free to contact us! We will consult on public administration services and will help to appeal the decision of the public administration entity. The Partnership’s attorneys-at-law also have experience in foreign affairs and citizenship.

Constitutional Law and Human Rights

The Partnership’s attorneys-at-law are well versed in both the Lithuanian constitutional doctrine and human rights, and are constantly improving their knowledge in these areas.

When the opportunity arises for the person to apply to the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Lithuania, the Partnership’s attorneys-at-law may offer legal services ensuring adequate appeal and representation. We also offer representation before the European Court of Human Rights, where the proceedings are currently extremely difficult.

Consultations, preparation of legal documents

We can provide legal advice on any legal issue or urgently draw up a legal claim on behalf of the Partnership, please contact us and we will arrange a meeting at our office in Vilnius.

We prepare legal documents of any kind (letters, agreements, procedural documents, etc.), participate in negotiations and cooperate with specialists entered into the list of forensic experts, who can provide specialized conclusions on various scientific issues. We serve both natural and legal entities.